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FUNNY MONKEY | Stuffed or Unstuffed With Fiber Pack | Sew Free Plush | 8 Inches | DIY Kit

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Our sweet monkey can't wait to make a new friend. SEW FREE hand stuffed animals are made of the highest quality materials, super-soft fabrics, and are safe for kids. They have an internal pocket in the back, allowing you to add the stuffing. This animal skin has a zip tie, as well as a velcro closure for a seamless look. Each Baker's Bears 8" plush 🧸 animal bundle includes a fiber stuffing pack, wishing insert & birth certificate. The animal is made from a soft, huggable material that is machine washable for easy cleaning. Pick stuffed or unstuffed for that special someone ❤️ ***STUFFED ANIMALS HAVE THE HEART INSERT INSIDE OF THE ANIMAL - IT'S THE HEARTBEAT OF THE BEAR 🙂***