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WEIGHTED HONEY BEE Stuffed Animal, 15 to 16 Inches, Super Soft Plush, Anxiety Plushie, Therapy Plushie

WEIGHTED BEE Stuffed Animal, 16" Plushie, Sensory Comfort Toy, Anxiety Calming Plushie, Emotional Support Pet, Cuddly, Valentine's Day Gift


Baker's Bears weighted plush animals come in various weights and sizes.

They are hand-stuffed with virgin hypoallergenic recycled fiber and hypoallergenic glass beads. The weight is distributed throughout the body minus the head. The head is stuffed with fiber only.

We do not use plastic pellets as they do not allow that soft, cuddly feel when placed inside weighted animals. Our hypoallergenic glass beads allow for a much softer feel.

Weighted stuffed animals and weighted blankets work the same way a hug does

Not recommended for children under three years.

Plush animals are certified ASTM-F963 safe.